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Comparison Reference of Symptoms & Indications
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Customer Accolades

I have had your new book on Symptom Analysis for the last 10 days and have found it to be one of the best books in my library. I have found it enormously beneficial to better optimise the focus of my clients' treatment programs. Congratulations!

A. Butterfield
Gold Coast, Australia

As a student of naturopathy, the use of this book as our college textbook in the last month has made it much easier for me to learn what potential health problems my patients are really facing and when to send them off for medical investigation.

John T.
Naturopathic student

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Lifespring's goal is to bring you the best in books and education to improve your life

This month we feature the wonderful new book

'The Comparison Reference of Symptoms & Indications'.

It features

+ Thousands of groups of symptoms cross-referenced and listed under their appropriate body systems with possible indications

I must tell you how much I am learning from your new book on symptoms and what they could mean. This is helping me take control of our family's health. By understanding some of the signs that I would otherwise have not known, I can now tell from the face and nails and the lists of symptoms in the book what problems we are heading for and get treatment before illness takes a real hold. Thankyou so much for this book.

D. Turner,

Your new book is fabulous. It is quite different to anything I have seen before - easy to use and so full of practical information. I know I will be using it for years to come.

Liz Clift
Natural therapist

Product Description Page


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